Presenting “Annual Energy and Daylight Co-Simulation for More Accurate Representation of Shading Controls” in Buildings at Building Energy Simulation Forum (BESF) – Portland, Oregon

2017.08.16 Building Energy Simulation Forum Presentation – Ecotrust Portland


Annual Energy and Daylight Co-Simulation for More Accurate Representation of Electric Lighting and Shading Controls in Buildings


Shading controls are typically not included in energy modeling and often not considered in daylight modeling. Similarly, electric lighting is usually represented as a fixed schedule or with the use of simplified daylight harvesting calculations. EnergyPlus approaches this with the split-flux method while Radiance employs a more accurate ray-tracing technique.

This presentation will discuss a co-simulation workflow between EnergyPlus and Radiance in a mid-rise commercial office project. This work includes a series of energy and daylighting simulations which derive detailed operation schedules and informed the whole building energy use and daylighting impacts of multiple shading systems.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the potential of co-simulation between two industry-standard building simulation tools, EnergyPlus and Radiance.
  2. Understand ways to incorporate co-simulation in your own simulation workflows.
  3. Be able to integrate shading and electric lighting controls results between EnergyPlus and Radiance.

For more information please click on the link below:


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