Amir’s master thesis: “Development of Annual Daylight Performance Metrics”

Amir’s master thesis is available now. You can download the preview version of it from here.


With the latest published version LEED (v4), and the IES codifying two recommended annual-climate-based daylighting metrics and performance criteria, annual daylighting simulation has become even more important to the design professions than ever before. However, interpretation and application of annual-climate-based daylighting data are still relatively novel. Moreover, there remains a lack of consensus regarding the proper behavioral patterns that annual-climate-based daylighting simulation should employ regarding operation of interior manually-controlled window blinds. This study documents a 8-year human factors daylighting field research project using students’ daylit area drawings and qualitative assessments of daylight sufficiency and corresponding point-in-time and annual-climate-based daylighting simulation in a variety of building types (n=24) in order to provide insight to the building performance simulation community about application of these new annual daylighting metrics.

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